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Ⅰ. Programs for International Students

Nanjing Tech University has 26 colleges and offers 70 undergraduate programs, 55 postgraduate programs and 23 doctoral programs. Enrolment fields cover Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Humanities, Law and Medicine. Please visit the homepage of NanjingTech http://www.njtech.edu.cn for the detailed information. International students have the following options in studying at NanjingTech.

(1) Short term Chinese language studies program   shorter than 6 months;

(2)    Long term Chinese language studies program(non-degree granting)  6-12 months;

(3)    Under-graduate programs  4-5 years;

(4)    Master degree programs  3 years;

(5)    PhD programs  3-4 years;


Ⅱ. Tuition

1. Language programs

  Short term language program    ¥420/week;

  Long term language program    ¥8000/ semester

2. Other programs


Tuition (RMB/year)


Economics, Management, Law

Art,Design, Science,Engineering,Medicine





Master’s Degree









    Note: The tuition will be slightly changed every year according to the real situation.


III. Entry Requirements

1. Language programs

Age 18 to 60; healthy

2. Other programs

 Age 18 to 60; healthy; with certificate of relevant background. HSK Level 3 (Applicants are suggested to learn Language programs first if not available).


IV. Time of enrolment

1. Language programs

Short-term language program: 1st of every month

Long-term language program (non-degree): 

Autumn Semester: Mar. 1st every year
Spring Semester:  Sep. 1st every year

2. Other programs

Degree programs: Sep. 1st every year


V. The Application Procedure

1. The applicants can ask for the Application Form from International Student Office in College of International Education (CIE) by present or by e-mail CIE@njtech.edu.cn. Completed form should be returned to the Admission Office two months before the opening of the new semester together with the certificates needed.


2. On receiving the application and relevant materials, the International Student Office will send to qualified applicants Letter of Offer. Then the applicants should take a physical exam, and remit the tuition fees (please mail or fax the photocopy of the telegraphic transfer receipt)


3. CIE International Student Office will send to qualified applicants the International Student Confirmation-of-Enrolment and Visa application form for Study in China (JW202).


4. Admitted students should take the International Student Confirmation-of-Enrolment and Visa application form for Study in China (JW202) to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their country to apply for Student visa (X visa) or F Visa. (The original JW202 must be returned to students to take back to the Admission Office and the Embassy or Consulate can make a copy if necessary.)


5. Admitted students should take the International Student Confirmation-of-Enrolment and Visa application form for Study in China (JW202) to register at NanjingTech within the registration period mentioned in the International Student Confirmation-of-Enrolment. Exception can be made to students who have informed the College of their special reasons and have been granted permission for delay or their applications will be voided.


Notice: If you have no enough time to go through the above-mentioned procedure, you can come with tourist visa. It can be transferred to Student visa.


ⅤI. Other information

1. Estimated food expenditure: approximately ¥500-800 per month.

2. Students are responsible for paying other expenses such as textbooks fees, transportation, medical care and personal activities themselves.

3. Accommodation (per person)

Double room   ¥800/month

Single room    ¥1500/month 


ⅤII. Contact Information


International Student Office

College of International Education

Nanjing Tech University

No.30 Puzhu South Road 8020#-85

Nanjing, 211816, P. R. China


E-mail:  CIE@njtech.edu.cn

Telephone: 0086-25-58139157

Fax:   0086-25-58138609 

Contact person:

International Student Officer: Vivian He


ADD: NO.30 Puzhu Road(S),Nanjing,China
Post:211816     Visit: