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Professor Keith E. Gubbins of North Carolina State University (NCSU), An Academician of American National Academy of Engineering Makes An Academic Report at NJUT.

    On June 30, Prof. Keith E. Gubbins from NCSU made an academic report named "Molecular modeling: from basic knowledge to wide application" at the Library Lecture Hall in the company of Prof. Lu Xiaohua, professor from the College of Chemical Engineering and the curator of NJUT.

    After the report, Prof. Keith E. Gubbins discussed with students on how American and Chinese graduates would learn in different ways, and how much knowledge a graduate in engineering major or those who want to pursue their studies in America should grasp.

    North Carolina State University has kept friendly relationship with our university.  Besides, Vice-President Liu Weiqing is an alumnus of NCSU. At length, prof. Gubbins visited the library of Jiangpu campus and our school history exhibition room with great interest.

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