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The University of Central Florida (UCF) Chemistry Prof. Ding Yanyin Offered Appointment of NJUT Adjunct Professor

    The warding ceremony for  American UFC chemistry professor Ding Yanyin for his appointment as NJUT’s adjunct professor was held in the Southeast Building Room 123 at 3:30pm in the afternoon of October 20th ,2006. Mr. Li Zhaoyang, the deputy director of the Personnel Department, hosted the ceremony.  Prof. Zhu Shemin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Materials Science, Shen Xiaodong, the Vice-dean of the School of Material Science, and some of other leaders, teachers and a great number of graduates also attended the ceremony.

    Professor Ding is a very distinguished expert on international materials science and engineering, who has published more than 130 papers in a variety of famous journals, and attended dozens of major international conferences. He has cultivated a large number of masters and doctoral students. Professor Ding spent most of the time on the research of electrostrictive materials and composite materials in the United States, who is an academician of the American Acoustical Society and the magazine editor of "wave interaction with materials" in the United States. He has been named in Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology of the United States, Who's Who in Scientific American as well as Who's Who in American Science and Engineering.

    At length, Professor Ding was also invited to deliver an academic report named "Large electrostrictive material in the low-frequency sound of the water".


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