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Vice President Jiang Juncheng Attended the UJ Confucius Institute Council

Vice President Jiang Juncheng attended on November 22 in Johannesburg the University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute Council 2017 chaired by UJ  Vice-Chancellor and Principal Thilidzi Marwala who highly appraised the achievement both NanjingTech and UJ has made for Confucius Institute in the past three years.

Dr. David Monyae, Co-head of UJ Confucius Institute delivered a report on issues including the budget and expenditure, Chinses language teaching, cultural promotion and academic exchange for 2017. Vice President Jiang Juncheng noted that the NanjingTech-UJ Confucius Institute has played a very important in promoting the exchange and collaboration between two universities as well as two countries. Both universities should work harder and closer to make our Confucius Institute exemplary throughout the world. At the end, the Council approved unanimously the Working Scheme for 2018.

Besides attending the Confucius Institute Council, Vice President Jiang Juncheng and his delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, Consulate-General in Johannesburg and the University of Cape Town.


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