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Delegation of Noord Brabant, the Netherlands visited NanjingTech to witness MoU signing between NanjingTech and Holst Center

Delegation of Noord Brabant, the Netherlands headed by Governor Wim van de Donk visited Nanjing Tech university and witnessed the signing ceremony between Institute of Advanced Materials and Holst Center on December 23rd.

Prof. Rui Hongyan, NanjingTech Secretary of CPC Committee extended his warm welcome to Governor Wim van de Donk’s visit. He said the Netherlands has a long history with sophisticated system of higher education. China has also established the largest system of higher education and its innovations in science and technology have been among the top of the world. Jiangsu and Noord Brabant have been on good relations for long and have frequent exchanges in science, technology and culture. He hoped that both sides could strengthen their collaborations to help promote the partnership between NanjingTech and Holland universities and the friendship and cooperation between Jiangsu and Noord Brabant.

Governor Wim van de Donk spoke highly of the collaboration between Holst Center and NanjingTech and said in the background of globalization, Holst Center and NanjingTech, though located far apart and with different cultures, have the same incentive for cooperation. Their collaboration will expedite the research and applications in flexible electronics, which is a key area of collaboration between two provinces.

After the meeting, Prof. Chen Zhikuan from Institute of Advanced Materials and Director Ton van Mol from Holst Center sign the collaboration MoU.

Other key delegates at the meeting include Ms. Elisabeth Koch, Director of Noord Brabant International Affairs, Ms. Zhang Yuhan, Deputy Director of Division of European and African Affairs, Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Prof. Gong Jianming, NanjingTech Vice-President.


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