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The launch Ceremony of Confucius Institute at University of Zaragoza held at UZ on June 7

The launch ceremony of Confucius Institute at the University of Zaragoza (UZCI) was held on June 7. Mr. Lv Fan, Chinese Ambassador to Spain, Mr. Pedro Santiesteve, Mayor of Zaragoza, Prof. Jose Antonio Mayoral Murillo, UZ President, Prof. Cui Yuwen and Prof. Rafael de Miguel, CI co-directors and over 250 UZ faculties and students gathered at the grand hall of Zaragoza University to celebrate the event.

Ambassador Lv congratulated the establishment of UZCI. He said that with strong support and joint effort from Nanjing Tech University and University of Zaragoza, UZCI is sure to share the characteristics of the time-honored city of Zaragoza, foster appreciation for Chinese culture and bring new energy to the friendly communication between China and Spain. Mr. Ma Jianfei, Deputy Director of Hanban/CI Headquarters, sent a congratulatory message expressing best wishes for UZCI to be a platform for Sino-Spain cultural communication and cooperation.

During the launch ceremony, artists from China gave the audience a performance of traditional Chinese culture including Chinese instrumental music, Taichi, dragon and lion dance which were warmly received by the local audience.

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