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Oxford Professor Donal D.C. Bradley Visited NanjingTech to Discuss Future Collaboration

On 13th March, Professor Donal DC Bradley, head of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division of Oxford University, honorary professor of NanjingTech and co-director of the "111" Talent Recruitment Base joined a meeting with President Huang Wei at NanjingTech. The meeting featured discussion on the establishment of NanjingTech-Oxford joint laboratory and the launch of a bilateral symposium.

Professor Bradley introduced the Oxford Suzhou Center for Advanced Research (OSCAR) as a foundation for the joint laboratory, which would play a vital role in talent training and cooperation between two universities in frontier areas including flexible electronics, nano-materials, bio-engineering, information-engineering and environmental technology.

President Huang Wei endorsed Professor Bradley’s idea and added that a regular NanjingTech-Oxford Symposium would also bring substantial benefits to this win-win cooperation.

Also during the meeting, Professor Donal DC Bradley was presented with the Award for Outstanding Contribution in International Cooperation issued by Mr. Shi Taifeng, Jiangsu Governor.


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