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Delegation of University of Extremadura Visited NanjingTech

On March 7, Prof. Segundo Píriz, the Rector of the University of Extremadura and his colleagues visited NanjingTech. The delegation joined a meeting with President Wei Huang and representatives from the Office of Global Engagement, the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the School of Food Science and Light Industry. The meeting featured the future cooperation opportunities between two universities.

As president Wei Huang pointed out, NanjinTech has established close relations with many Spanish universities in the past few years through joint research and cultural exchange. The partnership with the University of Extremadura is of significance to NanjingTech. While the two universities have carried out researcher and student exchange thanks to the Erasmus Plus program, he would like to see new horizon open up in this partnership such as joint research, social service and culture exchange. President Segundo Píriz also expressed his interest in stepping up the cooperation and strategic partnership with NanjingTech.

After the meeting, the delegation held a Study Abroad Seminar and introduced student exchange programs available to Chinese students.


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