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Nobel Laureate, Prof. Robert Huber visited IAM

Prof. Robert Huber, Nobel Laureate and honorary professor of NanjingTech visited the Buffer Base for Overseas Researchers (Institute of Advanced Materials/IAM) on October 26th and held a seminar for face-to-face discussions with NanjingTech researchers and graduate students. Academician and President Huang Wei hosted the seminar.


At the beginning, Prof. Huo Fengwei, Vice-Dean of Institute of Advanced Materials briefed the academic career of Prof. Huber who has long served as the director of Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie and professor in the University of Munich. His remarkable contribution in the science of structural biology has earned himself an international reputation and numerous awards in the fields of life science and medicine, including the 1988 Nobel Prize in chemistry for the determination of the "three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction center". Prof. Huo also introduced NanjingTech’s Buffer Base (IAM) to Professor Huber with reference to its history, discipline, research team, research findings and international engagement.


After listening to the reports made by Prof. Huang Xiao, Prof. Li Lin, Prof. Yu Haidong and Prof. Dong Xiaochen respectively on their recent research, Prof. Robert Huber made insightful comments to each report and gave counseling with his own research experience. He took a particular interest in their work on the application of photodynamic in tumor therapy and the utilization of two-dimensional nanomaterials in disease-detecting sensors and encouraged them to commercialize their research which will benefit more people. When asked to give advice to young researchers during start-up in the Q&A session, Prof. Huber suggested that young people should have an open mind and innovative vision and stay down to earth in conducting research in constructive areas and active groups.


President Huang also had discussions with Prof. Huber and agreed to carry out collaboration by establishing a health research institute, tentatively named Huber-Huang Health Institute (H3I), which will expedite NanjingTech’s R&D in health-related disciplines and technologies.


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