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Joint Research Center Between NanjingTech and UZ launched on July 6th

The launching ceremony of Joint Research Center Between Nanjing Tech University and University of Zaragoza was held in C501 of Synergetic and Innovation Center on July 6th. Delegates attending the ceremony included Prof. Jose Antonio Mayoral, UZ President, Prof. Francisco Beltran, VP for Internationalization and Cooperation, Prof. Luis Miguel Garcia, VP for Research and Policies, Prof. Qiao Xu, Nanjing Tech VP for research and Prof. Jiang Juncheng, VP for international affairs.

Prof. Jiang Juncheng who chaired the ceremony first extended his welcome to UZ delegation. He said that two universities signed the agreement of jointly establishing the Confucius Institute in Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in Beijing yesterday which was a milestone in the collaboration between two universities. The delegation of UZ visited NanjingTech the next day to explore more opportunities for future development. The efficient and practical cooperation would bring benefits to both universities.

Prof. Qiao Xu emphasized that collaboration with UZ is an important part of NanjingTech's globalization after he introduced NanjingTech's vision and stratey. He said that he was very excited to witness the signing ceremony of NanjingTech-UZ joint Confucius Institute via the internet yesterday and was even happier to see the launch of Joint Research Center between two universities today. He was convinced that both universities would make fruitful achievement in talent cultivation, research collabortations and cultural exchanges through joint efforts.

Prof. Jose Antonio Mayoral expressed his gratitude for NanjingTech reception and said that he was deeply impressed with NanjingTech's achievements in scientific research, integration with industries and global engagement. He said that UZ valued its collaboration with NanjingTech and the Confucius Institute was a starting point that would initiate the all-round strategic cooperation between two universities. After Prof. Jose Antonio Mayoral's remarks, VP Francisco Beltran and VP Luis Miguel Garcia introduced respectively the history and research strength of University of Zaragoza.

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