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Prof. Tan Eng Chye, Deputy President and Provost of National University of Singapore visited NanjingTech again on Sep. 26th

The bilateral meeting between Nanjing Tech University and the National University of Singapore, attended by leaderships of both universities, was held on September 26th in C501 of Science and Innovation Building.

President and academician Huang extended a cordial welcome to NUS delegation's follow-up visit and said that NUS was a rising star in the global higher education institutions and among the Top 50 in the QS Ranking 2014. He spoke highly of the initiative strategies taken by NUS to recruit and cultivate talents with global visions and the great achievements NUS had made in recent years. He analyzed the latest trends of talent flow in the world and pointed out that recruiting top talents was the pivot of modern higher education. He hoped that Prof. Tan Eng Chye's visit could finalize the concrete collaboration programs and this visit would become a milestone in the cooperation of two universities.

Prof. Tan Eng Chye expressed his gratitude for NanjingTech's warm reception. He believed that competition and collaboration are the two important aspects of the development for modern universities, the former being the driving force and the latter being the developmental strategy. He reviewed NUS's three phases of collaboration with overseas universities: the first phase was to cooperate with internationally highly-reputed universities by introducing overseas educational resources; the second phase was to establish joint programs with high-level overseas universities such as Johns Hopkins University and Duke University, during which the Flipped Classroom Teaching Model was innovated, improved and later adopted by many other universities; the third phase was to find collaborative partners with considerable research potentials such as NanjingTech to break new ground for globalization.

At the meeting, both parties reached consensus on jointly building "NanjingTech-NUS Synergic Collaboration Platform". Under this framework, a series of collaboration projects such as upgrading the teaching model of "2011 Institute" and recruitment of high-level talents could be carried out.

President Huang Wei finally pointed out that NUS's three phases of collaboration with overseas universities coincided with the three phases of Nanjing Tech's blueprint: the first phase is to serve the Yangtze River Delta Area; the second phase is to expand service across China; the third phase is to render service throughout the world. He believed the meeting would become an important milestone of collaboration between NanjingTech and NUS.

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