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President Uchida of MIE visits NanjingTech

The bilateral meeting (renewal of MOU and inauguration of Sino-Japanese Science Technology and Culture Research Center) between Nanjing Tech University and Mie University, attended by leaderships of both universities, was held on September 9th in the Jiangpu campus.

In his welcoming speech, Academician and President Huang reviewed the six-year fruitful collaboration in academic research, talent cultivation, teachers and students exchange between NanjingTech and MIE since 2008. President Huang then introduced NanjingTech's latest development and strategies. By making plans in advance and optimizing roadmap, NanjingTech set a new strategic goal of becoming a "comprehensive, research-oriented and globalized university" to upgrade itself. Last April, NanjingTech was successfully selected to be one of the first 14 "2011 Plan" universities, ranking among the first-class universities in China. In addition, NanjingTech had adopted a series if initiatives to promote its globalization, such as establishing Overseas Offices in Singapore, Russian, US, UK and Australia for recruitment of top talents throughout the world, launching all-round cooperation with top 50 universities like the Imperial London, the National University of Singapore, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and Northwestern University and joint-establishing Confucius Institute with the University of Johannesburg of South Africa .

President Uchida also presented a brief introduction to Mie University which was founded in 1874 and was famed in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and medicine. It is a comprehensive university with prominent achievement in education and medical science. President Uchida expressed his gratitude for our reception and congratulations on the great achievement that NanjingTech had made. He believed that his visit would strengthen the relationship between two universities and further promote the cooperation in academic research, talent cultivation, teachers and students exchange. The donation of a batch of precious Japanese books would promote the cultural communication between two universities and with the platform of the Sino-Japanese Science Technology and Culture Research Center, there would be more opportunities for both universities to conduct all-round cooperation.

In the end, President Huang and President Uchida renewed an MOU on bilateral cooperation.  An inauguration ceremony of the Sino-Japanese Science Technology Culture Research Center was also held, during which President Huang conferred the Certificate of Honorary Director of the Center on President Uchida.

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