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Mayor Delegation from Zaragoza Visited NanjingTech

The delegation of Zaragoza, headed by Mr. Pedro Santisteve, Mayor of Zaragoza visited Nanjing Tech University on March 12, 2019.

Vice President Niu Shengjie, in his speech, first extended his welcome to Mr. Pedro Santisteve's visit and reviewed the history of the cooperation with Zaragoza and Aragon. He emphasized the role of the Confucius institute jointly established by NanjingTech and University of Zaragoza as a bridge to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation. He believed that Mr. Pedro Santisteve's visit would break new ground for the friendly exchanges between the two universities, the two cities and even the two countries and would continuously promote the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the fields of humanities, science, technology and education.

Mayor Pedro Santisteve appreciated the cooperation between the two universities and he indicated that Zaragoza would continue to support the development of Confucius institutes and strengthen the close cooperation between the two sides in frontier areas such as material science, biotechnology and medical industry to facilitate the regional economic development of the two countries.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the State Key Laboratory of Material-oriented Chemical Engineering of Nanjing Tech university. Prof. Jin Wanqin, Director of MCE, introduced NanjingTech's achievements in the integration of research with industries in recent years.

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