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Delegation from University of Zaragoza Visited NanjingTech

The delegation of University of Zaragoza headed by President Jose Antonio Mayoral visited Nanjing Tech University on the morning of Jun 11th. The bilateral talks between the two universities were chaired by Vice President Gong Jianming and attended by delegates from Office of Science and Innovations, Office of Global Engagement, Graduate School and School of Materials Science and Engineering.

President Qiao Xu first extended his welcome to President Mayoral's visit and said the two universities had similar strengths and the cooperation in scientific research and talent training would help to foster the characteristic development of our Confucius Institute. He hoped that the two universities could seize the opportunity of China's Belt and Road Initiative and strengthen cooperation in technology transformation to boost regional economic development in both countries for win-win development.

President Jose Antonio Mayoral said in his speech that the Confucius Institute was highly received and recognized by the local communities. With the joint efforts of the two universities, he is confident that the Confucius Institute in Zaragoza will become the best Confucius Institute in Spain.

After discussons, President Qiao and President Mayoral signed the joint doctoral agreement and external researcher cooperation agreement in the witness of all delegates.

The Confucius Institute Council was also held after the bilateral talk to review the change of membership in the Council, annual work report and financial budget.


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