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Cultural Event "Celebration of Chinese Lantern Festival" held in University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute

The cultural event which featured the celebration of Chinese Lantern Festival was held in University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute on March 2. Over 120 delegates including Deputy Vice-Chancellor Saurabh Sinha, Deputy Consul General, Madame Ren Xiaoxia and co-heads of UJ CI attended the event.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Saurabh Sinha noted in his speech that Confucius Institute is the bridge connecting the Africa-China friendship and UJ CI has played an important role in promoting the research collaborations and cultural exchanges between two universities. Deputy Consul General Ren Xiaoxia spoke highly of the achievement of UJ CI in strengthening Chine-Africa friendship and introduced the customs of Chinese Lantern Festival.

Six inheritors of Chinese intangible cultural heritage were invited to the event: Mr. Wang Han, the Chinese calligraphy master wrote Spring Festival couplets and wrote a FU, which means happiness and fortune together with Deputy Vice-Chancellor Saurabh Sinha; Jiang Shuxiang, Sugar-painting artist made animated Sugar-paintings and gave them to local primary school students; Wang Fei, Sichuan Opera Face-changing artist's performance was warmly applaused. The performance deeply fascinated the delegates and was widely reported by local media.


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