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Chinese New Year Reception Held in University of Zaragoza

The 2018 Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) Reception was held in Parainfo Auditorium of University of Zaragoza on February 17th. More than 200 delegates including Mr. ángel Val Pradilla, Official of Spanish Government, UZ Rector José Antonio Mayoral, Aragon Government officials and other representatives from all walks of life attended the reception.

In the background of "Prelude to Spring ", a classic piece of Chinese traditional music, Prof. Cui Yuwen, Co-head of University of Zaragoza Confucius Institute reviewed the development and achievement of UZ CI in 2017 and UZ Rector José Antonio Mayoral noted in his speech that he was happy to see people from both countries gather together for the Spring Festival and he appreciated the contribution Hanban and Nanjing Tech University had made to the development of UZ Confucius Institute.   

During the reception, Mr. Carmen Pardos sang traditional Spanish songs such as Aranhoes Concerto, Miguel ángel Berna, famous Spanish dancer performed the La Jota dancing and Mr. Li Qikun performed episodes of classical Beijing Opera Yumen Guan and Luocheng Jiaoguan.

The Spring Festival Reception was an innovative initiative to help UZ Confucius Institute integrate into the local culture and established an important platform for cultural exchange between two countries.


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