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National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (NERCB)

    NERCB, founded in April, 1996, with the approval of the National Ministry of science and Technology, is an entity of the research and development of advanced technology affiliated to NanjingTech. NERCB systematically researches and develops the promising research achievements in industrial and biological technology, gearing to the needs of the national economic and social developments, catering to the needs of the market and the enterprises' large-scale production, to provide enterprises with full-fledged equipments and technologies, transferring and spreading the integrated and assorted engineering fruits to relevant fields.

    As a national-level engineering research center, NERCB has been dedicated to promoting the overall development of our country's industrial and biological technology under the leadership of Professor Ouyang Pingkai, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. NERCB has organized and finished the part of industrial and biological technology in China's middle-long term plan under the guidance of the government. Also, it has gathered experts from all over the country with a view to proposing, establishing and initiating the program of industrial and biological technology in Program 863 in the 11th 5-year plan. In recent years, NERCB has undertaken hundreds of key programs both nationally and provincially.


Address: No.30, Puzhu South Road, Pukou District, Nanjing (211816)

Tel: 025-86990666 or 025-58133398

Fax: 025-58133398

Email: nercb@njut.edu.cn

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