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State Key Laboratory of Materials- Oriented Chemical Engineering (MCE)

    MCE is devoted to the international frontier research and national urgent technological demands. Its main academic thoughts are based on the "applications of chemical engineering principles and methodologies to the development and processing of novel materials" and the "development of advanced chemical engineering unit operation technologies and theories based on new materials". The program aims to resolve the bottleneck problems in energy, resources and environment that are restraining the sustainable development of process industry, through exploiting the relations between the functions, structures and applications of the materials. The laboratory aims at providing an academic platform with world class facilities for innovative interdisciplinary research covering both chemical engineering and materials science and engineering.

    There are mainly 3 research directions under developing as follows: materials structure and transport phenomenon; chemical engineering methods for material preparation; chemical engineering application of materials. Dedicated to the key scientific issues of important technologies, the laboratory has solved some major problems that appeared during the materials preparation and their application in chemical engineering, promoted the commercialization of a batch of technological achievements. With these important research progress and achievements, the lab has been awarded 3 items of the second-class national technical invention prizes and 9 items of the first-class provincial prizes; the lab has also published a batch of high quality papers and acquired a batch of invention patents and engendered excellent economic and social benefits.

    Through establishing high-profile, international competitive research teams, and attracting outstanding domestic and overseas scholars to join the teams, up to now, these teams have progressively developed into a strong group with Academician as the group leader, professors with overseas academic experiences as the main research body, and outstanding young teachers with Ph. D degree as the key research personnel.

    MEC has close contacts and collaborations with both domestic and international scientific institutes and owes academic reputation in the field of chemical engineering. Up to now many famous international and domestic scholars have been invited to MCE for visiting and academic communications. The lab explores to construct creative and open cooperative systems. MCE forms industries fundamental research mechanisms through establishing research centers with large group corporations, to serve the development of national key industries. Cooperating with the local government and some enterprises, MCE has established the National-level Science Park of NanjingTech and Nanjing technology square, and provides service for regional economic development.


Address: No.5 Xin Mofan road,Nanjing (210009)

Affiliation: Nanjing Tech University

Tel: 025-83172261

Fax: 025-83172261

Email: mce@njut.edu.cn  zhong@njut.edu.cn

ADD: NO.30 Puzhu Road(S),Nanjing,China
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