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Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Urban Construction and Industrial Security

    The lab, established in 2007, covers an area of 1600 square meters. It aims to ease the security issues such as fire disaster, explosion, poison leaking, and hazardous chemicals existing in the process industry and urbanization. The lab has set up the following research areas: fire and explosion hazards and their prevention theory and techniques; the hazardous properties of hazardous chemicals and their controlling techniques; the security theory of fire control of construction building and its techniques; security detection and major hazard monitoring techniques and lastly, the safe operation of the urban lifeline engineering and risk controlling techniques.

    The lab is among the earliest research centers for safety engineering in such process industries as petroleum and chemistry and boasts full-fledged modern equipments available to the specialized research. 



Address: No.5 Xin Mofan road,Nanjing (210009)

Email: www.njtech.edu.cn

ADD: NO.30 Puzhu Road(S),Nanjing,China
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