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Membrane Science and Technology Research Center

    Founded in 1994, the research center is mainly engaged in the following research fields: inorganic ceramic membrane development; membrane application and membrane integration technology development; membrane catalysis and inorganic porous materials development and so on. Under the academic leadership of Professor Xu Nanping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the research center boasts a high-level research team.

    The center has undertaken more than 40 research projects including national key scientific and technological projects, project 863, and National Outstanding Youth Fund Program. It has also finished building the largest-scale national production base for ceramic membrane, and its products have been successfully applied in such areas as biochemistry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, foods, and environmental protection. The center has achieved many prominent fruits, reaching the world advanced level and filled the vacancy in such area. Up to now, many fruits have been listed in the ninth five-year Plan key Achievements, national "spark" plan, and national "torch" plan and acquired the certificate for national key products.

    The Membrane Science and Technology Research Center of NanjingTech has achieved 5 "first" in the area of national inorganic membrane: the first to establish the center for the industrial production base of inorganic membranes; the first to promote the full-set industrial inorganic membrane equipment; the first to finish the inorganic ceramic membrane research project and pass the ministerial evaluation; the first to get the national Inorganic Membrane Science and Technology Progress Award; and the first to win the national Inorganic Membrane Technological Innovation Award.


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