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Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Center for Industrial Biotechnology

    The center is devoted to solving the bottleneck problems of resource, energy and environment for the sustainable development of the economy and the society. Through the combination of production, learning and research, the center aims at bettering the basic conditions for scientific and technical research on biotechnology, unfolding generic technology research on industrial biotechnology. Thus, the center has achieved quite a few technology breakthroughs in many important bio-based materials manufacturing areas such as bio-energy and bio-based chemicals and achievements of industrial biotechnology with independent intellectual property rights, and has built up many pilot test bases and industrial demonstration plants. Through internal construction and outreach, the center has accomplished a first class industrial biotechnology innovation platform, and has formed technical alliance with the innovation center as its main body. The center, adopting the patent strategy, plans to promote the commercialization, industrialization, and internationalization of the scientific and technological achievements, plans to produce fruitful environmental and social benefits. The center expects to make breakthroughs of industrialized technology in the application of fuel alcohol, biodiesel, biomass pyrolysis power generation and marsh gas, and to develop complete set of technology with independent intellectual property rights in bio-energy industry. The center has made brilliant achievements in areas of bio-energy, bio-material, bulk chemicals and fine chemicals.


Website: http://jpicib.njtech.edu.cn

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