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Hi-Tech Research Institute,NanjingTech
     Hi-tech Research Institute of Nanjing Tech University is a scientific innovation platform of pioneering overlapping subjects. Its development goals are as follows:

1.To be the incubator of national hi-tech research and support programs, provincial hi-tech research projects, and major achievements transfer projects;

2.To be the carrier and organizer of interdisciplinary projects and major projects of regional economic development;

3.To be the incubator of talents and projects for weak disciplines;

4.To be the window of science and technology cooperation with the outside;

5.To be the repository of talents and technology for hi-tech industrialized projects.


Address: No.200 Zhongshan Road Nanjing Jiangsu Province (210009)

Tel: 025-83172247

Website: http://hightech.njtech.edu.cn

ADD: NO.30 Puzhu Road(S),Nanjing,China
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