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Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Materla Medlca

    The institute, in possession of sound subject construction and complete scientific research equipments, contains four professional research offices (the medical chemistry research office, the natural drug research office, the pharmacology and toxicity research office, and the pharmaceutical preparation and quality research room) and an experimental animal quality check station. The institute, relying on the pharmacology and toxicity research office, established Jiangsu Center for Safety Evaluation of Drugs (GLP).

    In the recent 20 years, the institute has undertaken 12 Natural Science Fund projects, 5 national research projects, 8 National Drug Research Fund projects and 2 World Bank Loan projects. The institute has also completed 53 provincial-level and ministry-level key tasks, 10 international cooperative projects, 42 bureau-level projects, and more than 700 domestic horizontal cooperation tasks. The institute has won more than 50 research awards (1 international award, 5 national awards, 26 provincial-level and ministry-level awards), and has obtained 34 patents for inventions. In terms of international communication, the institute has conducted academic exchanges with those in the USA, the UK, France, Japan and some South-east Asian countries, received about 50 visits of more than 100 professors, and established research partnerships with WTO, IOCD, TAMU Institute of Ophthalmology and Pharmacology, US Bausch & Lomb, and HK Fugao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Based on the long-term basic science and applied research in medicine, the institute has built technology platforms and formed technological advantages for new drug researches.


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