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Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Disaster Prevention & Mitigation

The lab, established in July 2005, is composed of structural engineering laboratory and geotechnical engineering laboratory. The structural engineering lab consists of static lab and dynamic lab. One lies in Jiangpu campus and another in Hongqiao campus. Through many years' construction, the lab has been built well, which has nearly 1000 sets of equipments and possesses the assets with the value of more than 10 million RMB. The lab has a team of 35 members in total, including 20 professors, 9 associate professors and other technicians.

The dynamic lab, invested 12 million by our school, has an area of 1500 square meters. There is a large L-shaped reaction wall, composed of 2 pieces of wall with many reaction holes. Both of them are 10m high, one is 12.6m long and another is 15.6m long. Specially, the 15.6m-long-wall has reaction holes in both sides, which is prepared for outside Co-action of soil and structure testing in future. Also the lab has a large reaction dado of 25m long and 15m wide with more than 1200 reaction holes. The single hole can endure 500KN force.

There are many good data-collection instruments equipped in the lab. The acquisition instruments are well to acquire data in many forms according to the requirement, such as force, displacement, velocity, acceleration, frequency, stress, strain and so on. Also we have the Synchro-hydraulic pressure unit, the hydraulic serve universal test machines of 1000KN and 100KN, static-dynamic strain indicators, spectrum analyzer, and so many instruments.

The main researching domains of the lab are: co-action of soil and structure; seismic control of structures; geotechnical earthquake engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation; steel structure and composite structure; and new type of structural material and system.


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