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School of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Brief Introduction

The School of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering originated from the first discipline in biochemical engineering in China in 1985, which has been leading the way in the higher education and research and development in biotechnology from then on. Prof. Ouyang Pingkai, the founder of the School and the Academician of the Academy of Engineering of China, pioneered biochemical engineering in China as a mentor and a principal investigator. Department of Biotechnology was established with a couple of teachers and several dozens of students in 1994, College of Life Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering established in 1997, and branched into College of Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Engineering, College of Food and Light Industry, and College of Pharmacy as three members of the faculty in 2009.

Scientific Research

Our research and development is focused on the basic, strategic, and perspective aspects of industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineering directly associated with and serving the sustainability of the country and the welfare of the society. The R & D teamwork features multidisciplinary cooperation in chemical, biological, process, and engineering circles jointly with dozens of members of diversity background in concerted effort. The investigations spanned energy, resources, environment, pharmaceutics and health with broad spectrum, in which the research on bio-energy, bio-polymers, pharmaceutical engineering and bio-based fine chemicals are the mainstays.

More than two thirds of the 106 faculty members are involved actively in the R & D programs. And the average annual research fund reached 50 million RMB in the recent 5 years. At present, the research works are focusing on four main areas.


Integration of bioenergy production with environmental remediation by using rural and urban living wastes such as excrements and lignocelluloses as feedstock. Programs: bioethanol and fuel alcohols, biodiesel, biogas (methane), bio-hydrogen, etc.

>Bio-polymers and Bulk Chemicals

Process and technology for biopolymers, monomers, and bulk chemicals through bio-refinery. Programs: succinic acid and its poly-esters, lactic acid and poly-lactic acids, poly-hydroxyalkanoates, poly-amino acids, lignocellulosic composites, etc.

>Bio-based Fine Chemicals and Intermediates

Biocatalysis and biotransformation in production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals, nutraceuticals, food and feed additives. Programs: nucleotides and nucleosides, amino acids, sugar alcohols, multi-unsaturated fatty acids, biological pigments, etc.

>Pharmaceutical engineering

Key Professors

>Prof. Dr. OUYANG Pingkai, Academician of the Chinese

Academy of Engineering ,

Main research area:

•Industrial biotechnology

Email: ouyangpk@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. Dr.YING Hanjie

Main research areas:

• Bio-separation

•Enzymatic catalysis and Biotransformation

Email: yinghanjie134@163.com

>Prof. Dr. WEI Ping

Main research areas:

•Bio-organic synthesis,

•Bio-energy and environmental biotechnology

Email: weiping@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. Dr. HUANG He

Main research area:

•Industrial biotechnology

Email: huangh@njtech.edu.cn

Departments & Institutions

>Department of Biotechnology

>Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering

>National Research Center of Biochemical Engineering

>State Key Laboratory of Material-Oriented Chemical Engineering

>National Student Laboratory for Biochemical Engineering Education

>Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Center for Industrial Biotechnology


>Bachelor's degree programs (4 years)


•Pharmaceutical Engineering


•Medicinal Chemistry

>Master's degree programs (3 years)

•Biochemical Engineering



•Medicinal Chemistry Engineering

>Engineering master's degree programs (3-5 years)


•Pharmaceutical Engineering

>PhD programs (3-4 years)

•Biochemical Engineering



•Pharmaceutical Engineering

>Post-doctoral program (2 year)

•Chemical Engineering and Technology


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