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School of Computer Science and Technology


School of computer science and technology has four undergraduate disciplines, including Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, and Computer science & technology (embedded direction). As the national featured major, computer science and technology discipline is a member of national discipline development program. The school’s two teaching laboratory centers of information science & technology and electrical engineering & technology are provincial exemplary centers. The school offers multiple Master degrees: two first-level disciplines for Master’s degree in computer science & technology and software engineering; two second-level disciplines for Master’s degree in signal and information processing, pattern recognition & intelligent systems; three engineering Master’s degree in computer science, electronic & communication engineering and control engineering.

The school is well-established with a reasonably structured, vibrant, highly ranked teaching staff team dominated by lively young teachers. In recent years, multiple high-quality professionals and academic leaders have been recruited from prestigious domestic and overseas universities. The school currently has around 80 professional teachers, 40 associated and full professors, of which around 30 professors are graduate advisors. Around 2300 undergraduates and 200 graduate students are currently enrolled in the school.

The school emphasizes on strengthening scientific research, improves the technological ability for innovation and equips first class instruments for teaching and research activities. Moreover, the school has established joint research and laboratory centers with several nationally and internationally enterprises.

The school is dedicated to foster high-quality personnel of high professionalism, with emphasis on the intensive understand of the modern education theory, by the improvement of entire quality, enhancement for reforms of education systems, reinforce of education system management, investment increase on education. The school actively explores patterns of cultivating personnel with innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, and fosters versatile professionals capable of being cognitive, developing and accomplishing tasks with cooperation.


Discipline construction and scientific research

The school has two first-level disciplines for Master’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, and Software Engineering, one second-level discipline for Master’s degree in Signal and Information Processing, and other professional Master’s degrees in Computer Technologies and Electronics & Communication Engineering. With most advanced application software platform, network devices and various typical control systems, the school has achieved significant advantages in multiple disciplines. The research of the school covers the following areas: computer networks and applications, mobile computing, cloud computing and big data, software theory and technologies, industrial information technology, pattern recognition and machine intelligence, intelligent software theory and machine learning, digital communication theory and technologies, signal processing and transmission technologies, acoustics signal processing, digital graphics and digital image processing, intelligent signal processing in wireless communications, and so on.

In recent years, the school commits itself to the central task of discipline construction, and vigorously strengthens its efforts to promote scientific research, talents fostering and international collaboration. The school has undertaken scientific projects funded by Nature Science Foundation of China, national 863 program, national 973 program, Jiangsu Province Science Foundation, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Support Program, Key Basic Research Project of Jiangsu Province, and other government sponsored research program of national-level, province-level and ministry-level. In addition, the school also has accomplished major scientific programs funded by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Yangzi-BASF Styrenics, Nanjing Iron & Steel Group, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, Jiangsu Institute of Metrology, and other large enterprises. In recent five years, the school has taken part in more than 100 projects with more than 80 million research and service funding, and achieved extensive high level research fruits, including more than 300 high quality research papers published on prestigious journal and conferences, a relatively high portion of which have been indexed by SCI and EI, and more than 50 national patents.


Teaching and Research Institutions

Department of computer science and technology

Department of electronic and information engineering

Department of communication engineering

Division of Basic Education

Experimental center of information technique

Center of control engineering

Institute of Advanced Networking and Cloud Computing

Research Institute of computer applied technology

Research center of computer aided design

Research institute of computer software and networking

Research institute of digital city and intelligent building


Majors and disciplines

Undergraduate (4 years)

Computer science and technology

Computer science and technology (embedded direction)

Electronic information engineering

Communication engineering



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