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School of Energy Science and Engineering

School of Energy Science and Engineering is now a multidisciplinary school based on the traditional energy technologies, and it has 3 undergraduate programs (Energy and power engineering, Energy and environmental systems engineering, and New energy materials and devices), Master’s programs (Thermal engineering, Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, Engineering thermal physics, and Power engineering), 4 subordinate PhD programs(Thermal engineering, Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, Engineering thermal physics, and Energy-saving materials and Engineering), 1 primary PhD program (Power engineering and engineering thermal physics), and 1 Postdoctoral station(Power engineering and engineering thermal physics).


The school now possesses 5 research centers including National Research and Extension Center of Heat Pipe Technology, Jiangsu High-efficiency Industrial Energy-saving Equipment Engineering Technology Center, Institute of Electrochemical Energy Storage, Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, Institute of refrigeration and air conditioner, and 3 teaching institutions (energy and power engineering, new energy materials, and experimental training center).


With the rapid development of the University, the school has a strong teaching staff. There are 1 chair professors of " Chang Jiang Scholars Program" of the Ministry of Education, 2 winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 chair professors of the "Thousand Talents Plan", 1 distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province, 2 winners in the new century excellent talent program of the Ministry of Education, 3 winners of Henry Fok young teachers fund and young teachers award, 1 creative-talents academic leader of Natural Science Fund of Jiangsu Province, 1 winner of the class A and 1 winner of class B of the six-talent summit of Jiangsu Province, 3 people joining in "333 high-level personnel plan" of Jiangsu Province, 2 people joining in the talent cultivation plan of Nanjing Tech University. Among the all staff in the faculty, there are 8 professors, 10 associate professors, and there are 19 staff with PhD degree, and 9 staff with overseas research experiences. In addition, Prof. Zhongwei Chen from Waterloo University, the winner of highest national technology award of Canada, was employed as the part-time professor of our faculty in 2016.


The school will strive to implement the requirements of "steady development of traditional energy, vigorous development of new energy", follow the pace of university-"comprehensive, research, globalization", accelerate the development not only in the size of faculty, but also the whole research level, and endeavor to build the renowned high-level school in China.


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