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School of Civil Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

Brief Introduction

The history of the School of Civil Engineering can be traced back to Tongji Medical and Engineering School founded in 1915. Over the past nine decades, more than 20,000 talents have been produced for the society at the School. Up to now, a three-level personnel training system geared to bachelor, master and doctor cultivation has been formed.

This School boasts a total of 95 teachers and staff. There are 28 professors totally now, including one academician, one "Thousand Talent Plan Scholar", one " Abroad Thousand Talent Plan Scholar", one "Yangtze River Scholar", one "Distinguished Young Scientist", one "Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions at the Provincial or Ministerial Level", and one "Famous Teachers in Jiangsu Province".

About 2,000 undergraduates and 800 postgraduates are studying at this School now. Eight awards were granted at or above the provincial or ministerial level. Structural Engineering is among the key disciplines at the Provincial or Ministerial Level; the Civil Engineering and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Laboratory is a Jiangsu provincial key laboratory. The Civil Engineering Specialty has national construction work supervision. The School attaches great importance to talents cultivation based on the principle of applying knowledge, enhancing ability and promoting innovation, with the emphasis on furthering its reform and developing comprehensive capability and competitiveness in engineering design, practice and innovation.

Since 2002, it has won more than 20 awards for its achievements in teaching at the national level and at the provincial or ministerial level, in elite courses, in elite teaching materials, and in excellent thesis design for graduation. In addition, its students successively achieved excellent results in School Student Structural Design Innovation Competition of Jiangsu Province, of East China, and of China. Now the Civil Engineering program has been developed into an outstanding specialty in Jiangsu Province.

The School highly values scientific research and discipline construction. It combines scientific research and talents cultivation, and has established several research institutes and engineering research centers. Since 2002, the College has undertaken more than 30 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 21 ministerial projects under the State Council, and 16 Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects. Furthermore, it won 1 second national award for scientific and technological advance, coupled with 4 first provincial or ministerial awards, 10 second awards and 3 third awards for scientific and technological advance.

Key Professors

>Prof.  SUN Weimin

  Research areas:

  •Masonry structure

  •Energy saving and green building

  Email: swmdwg@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr.  LIU Weiqing

  Research areas:

  •Anti-seismic and vibration control

  •New composite structural materials

  Email: wqliu@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr. XIAO Yan

  Research areas:

  •High-performance structures and materials

  •Structure seismic behavior assessment and rehabilitation technique

  •Modern test technique

  Email: yanxiao@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr. LIEW Richard

  Research areas:

  •Fire, impact & explosion analysis

  •Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

  •Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) for structural applications

  Email: 9068Liew@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr. LI Hongjing

  Research areas:

  •Structural dynamics

  •Lifeline earthquake engineering

  Email: harbiner@163.com, hjing@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr. ZHOU Ding

  Research areas:

  •Mechanical properties of structural member

  •Computational methods in structural mechanics

  Email: dingzhou57@yahoo.com

>Prof.  Dr. DONG Jun

  Research areas:

  •Steel structures

  •High rise structures

  •Structural wind engineering

  Email: dongjun@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr. WANG Shuguang

  Research areas:

  •Anti-seismic and vibration control

  •Analysis of complex structures

  Email: wsg@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  HU Xiamin

  Research areas:

  •Composite structures

  •Structural analysis and design

  Email: verbundbau@163.com

>Prof.  LI Yanhe

  Research areas:

  •Structure detecting and appraisal

  •Structure reclaim and reinforcement

  Email: wsg@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof.  Dr.  LU Weidong

  Research areas:

  •Structural detecting and appraisal

  •Wood structures

  Email: concrete@163.com

>Prof.  Dr.  SU Zhenmin

  Research areas:

  •Engineering management

  •Project management

  Email: suzhenmin@126.com

>Prof.  Dr. ZHANG Jiandong

  Research areas:

  •Bridge seismic design and rehabilitation technique

  •Prestressed concrete structure

  Email: chokt5@gmail.com


Departments & Institutions

>Department of Construction Engineering

>Department of Bridge and Ocean Engineering

>Department of Green Building Technology and Engineering

>Department of Engineering Construction and Management

> Engineering Graphics Center

>Civil Engineering Teaching Experiment Center

>Civil Engineering Laboratory



Bachelor's degree programs (4-5 years)

  •Civil Engineering

  •Bridge and Ocean Engineering

  •Green Building Technology and Engineering

  •Engineering Construction and Management

>Master's degree programs (3 years)

  •Structural engineering

  •Bridge and tunnel engineering

  •Disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protection engineering

   •Management science and engineering

  •Engineering mechanics

>Professional degree programs

  •Architecture and civil engineering

  •Engineering Management

  •Project Management

>Doctoral degree programs (3-4 years):

  •Structural engineering

  •Bridge and tunnel engineering

  •Disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protection engineering

  •Civil materials and engineering

  •Engineering Management

  •Engineering mechanics

>Postdoctoral work station

  •Civil engineering


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