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School of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Brief Introduction

The school was developed from 1996 as Institute. The School of Environment was set up in June, 2007 and developed to be School of Environmental Science and Engineering. The school is now offering four undergraduate programs: Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Resources and Environment Science, and Water Quality Science and Technology. M.A. programs are Environmental Engineering (a first grade M.A. major program) and Municipal Engineering; and Ph.D. program is Municipal Engineering (a second grade Ph.D). The program of Environmental Engineering became a Jiangsu provincial characteristic program in 2010.

There are more than 40 faculty-members in the school, and 76% of them have master's or doctoral degree. At present, the shool has 2 doctoral program supervisor, 7 Professors and 23 Associate Professors. One of them is the commissioner of Jiangsu Provincial Government; one is Jiangsu provincial young expert with prominent contribution; one takes the academic lead of "Jiangsu Provincial Qinglan Project"; one is a member of the "Jiangsu Provincial Six Important Talent Peaks Plan"; one is academic leader of "333" Talents Projects with Second Level; one is academic leader of "333" Talents Projects with Third Level and one staff honored with Country "Thousand Talents Program" Distinguished experts.A teaching and scientific research team with the main part being excellent middle and young teachers has been formed.

The school pays great attention to the training of talents with high quality, and lays stress on the training of students in abilities of engineering design, practice, and innovation. Four students won the first-class awards of the tenth and eleventh National "Challenge Cup" Competition, and a student won the title of "Jiangsu Provincial Star of Science and Technology". At present, its total enrollment of full-time students amounts to 1,000. There are 800 undergraduates and 110 candidates for Master's Degree and 10 candidates for Doctor's Degree. Employment rates for these undergraduates and graduate students are high, and they have played an important role in the environmental protection, economic development, and harmony and stabilization of the country.

Scientific Research

The main research subjects are as follows:

l  Engineering technology of chemical pollution accident prevention and emergency handling

l  Industrial water saving and discharge reduction

l  Drinking water safety guarantee

l  Wastewater treatment and reuse

l  Solid waste disposal and reuse

In recent years, the shool has undertaken or participated in many national and local key research projects, including projects in the "863" High Technology Research Development Program, projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, and major national projects of the Science & Technology Ministry and so on. There are more than 100 research projects with a total funding of 40,000,000 RMB. Faculty members in the School also published over 200 papers, and applied for over 40 invention patents. A first-class award of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress and a first-class Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Association Science and Technology Progress were won, and many demonstrational projects were founded.

Key Professors

Prof. XU Yanhua, PhD Program Supervisor

Main research fields:

l  Industrial waste gas treatment and resource

l  Risk assessment and soil remediation of chemical waste sites

l  Chemical waste disposal and comprehensive utilization

l  Chemical pollution accident prevention and emergent treatment

l  Industrial waste gas treatment and reuse

E-mail: yanhuaxu18@yahoo.cn


Prof. WEI Wuji PhD Program Supervisor

Main research fields:

•Closed-Circuit Process of Industrial Cooling Water

•Green Water Treatment Agent

E-mail: wjwei@njtech.edu.cn


Departments & Institutions

l  Department of Environmental Science

l  Department of Environmental Engineering

l  Department of Resources and Environment Science

l  Department of Water Quality Science and Technology

l  Experiment Center of the College

l  Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Industrial Water Conservation and Sewage Reduction

l  Jiangsu Province Engineering Center of Chemical Pollution Control and Emergency Response

l  Nanjing Soil Remediation Engineering Center of Organic Pollution in Chemical and Pesticide industry

l  Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection  Engineering Center of  Industry VOCs Pollution Control



1.Bachelor's degree programs(4 years) :

•Environmental Engineering

• Resources and Environment Science

•Water Quality Science and Technology


2. Master's degree programs (3years)

•Environmental Engineering

•Municipal Engineering


3. Engineering Master's degree program (3-5 years)

•Environmental Engineering

•Municipal Engineering

4. PhD programs (3 years)

•Municipal Engineering


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