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School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering


The School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering (SCME) was founded in April 2015 by the National Synergetic Innovation Center. As part of Overseas Talent Base, SCME combines the advantages of two disciplines in Nanjing Tech University: chemistry and applied chemistry, both of which can be dated back to 1980s. Underpinned by its disciplinary strength, SCME has established the Department of Applied Chemistry, Experimental Teaching Center of Chemistry, and three research institutes in the field of applied chemistry, water treatment and organic synthesis. Recognized as one of the fastest-rising schools in Nanjing Tech, SCME puts tremendous effort on attracting extraordinary research experts and talents all over the world. Currently, it has a size of 82 full-time faculty members and 11 supporting staff. The faculty is comprised of 22 professors, 49 associate professors and 11 assistant professors/lecturers ( among the faculty members, there are 6 Ph.D. supervisors and 45 Master supervisors). More than 95% of them have doctoral degrees, including 1 member of the "Thousand Talents Plan", 1 talent of the Recruitment Program for Overseas Young Professionals, 1 Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province, 1 Excellent Young Expert, 2 Leading Researchers of Jiangsu Province and 1 winner of Outstanding Instructors.

The school offers high-quality education to undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students. The major programs are: Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Resource Science and Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pesticide Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering. Currently, there are over 1000 undergraduate, 200 master and 20 Ph.D. students in SCME. With an emphasis on teaching, SCME has won various teaching awards in course evaluations. Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry has won the honor of Provincial Excellent Course, and Hydrochemistry and Water Treatment Technology has received the award of Top-quality Course of Nanjing Tech University.

Main Research Fields

>Green Chemistry

>Organic Synthesis



> Pesticide Chemistry


>Medicinal Chemistry

>Chemical Biology

>Inorganic&Material Science

>Analytical&Physical Chemistry

Since 2011, the faculty has undertaken a series of research projects that are making significant impacts on social and economic development both regionally and nationwide. Over 50 government-sponsored research projects have been conducted in SCME, including the National High-tech R&D Program of China ("863 Program"), key projects of NSFC, and major national and provincial projects of science and technology. In addition to the projects funded by government, SCME has also been extremely active in securing financial support for research from industries. By the end of 2015, SCME has involved in approximately 1000 projects in collaboration with industries. It has also received numerous academic awards including the 2nd prize for National Sci-Tech Progress Award, Sci-Tech Invention Award by the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, and other 10 provincial Sci-Tech Progress Awards. Meanwhile, over 50 nationally and internationally authorized patents and 500 research articles have been published by the faculty, in which more than 200 of the papers were accepted by top-tier SCI and EI journals.

Key Professors

> Prof. LOH Teck Peng, Ph.D. Supervisor

Scientist of 1000 Talents Plan, People’s Republic of China

Fellow (Chemical Sciences) of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)

Professor of School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Major Research Interest:

1.            Organic synthesis

2.            Green chemistry

3.            Chemical genetics

E-mail: teckpeng@ntu.edu.sg

> Prof. CHEN Hongyu, Ph.D. Supervisor
Professor of College of Science, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Major Research Interest:

1.            Synthetic methodology for nanostructures

2.            Applications of nanomaterials

E-mail: iashychen@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. YANG Yanhui, Ph.D. Supervisor

Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Major Research Interest:

1.            Heterogeneous catalysis over metals and metal oxides

2.            Green chemistry

E-mail: YHYang@ntu.edu.sg

>Prof. ZHU Hongjun, Ph.D. Supervisor

Chief scientist and host of the National High-tech R&D Program of China ("863" Program)

Chairman of the Agricultural Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Committee of Jiangsu, in the 9th, 10th and12th Five Years Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China

Major Research Interest:

1.            Organic synthesis

2.            Applied chemistry

3.            Pesticide chemistry

4.            Design &synthesis of novel OLEDs

E-mail: zhuhj@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. YAO Cheng, Ph.D. Supervisor

Young and Middle-aged leading Talent of Science and Technology from 333 High-level Talents Training Project of Jiangsu province

Young and Middle-aged Expert of Nanjing with Outstanding Contributions

Major Research Interest:

1.            Fluorescent molecular recognition sensors

2.            Electrochemical sensors

3.            Macromolecular materials and organic-inorganic composites

4.            Fine chemicals

E-mail: yaocheng@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. YANG Wenzhong, Ph.D. Supervisor

Superintendent of Watertreatment Technology Institute

Director of Jiangsu Water Chemistry and Watertreatment Committee

Vice director of Water Industry Association of China Civil Engineering Society

Executive member of China Boiler Water Quality Association

Major Research Interest:

1.            Industrial water treatment

2.            Corrosion electrochemistry

E-mail: yangwz@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. GUO Cheng, Ph.D. Supervisor

Major Research Interest:

1.            Microwave synthesis method

2.            Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds

3.            Drug synthesis

E-mail: guocheng@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. REN Xiaoming, Ph.D. Supervisor

Major Research Interest:

1.            Magnetic, optical andelectrical functional molecular materials and membrane materials

2.            The electronic structure and crystal structure of materials

E-mail: xmren@njtech.edu.cn

>Prof. Patrick J. Walsh, Visiting professor

Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

Alan MacDiarmid Professor of Chemistry

Major Research Interest:

1.            Development of new reactions, synthetic methods, and catalysts

2.            Reaction mechanisms

3.            Enantio- and diastereoselective tandem reactions

4.            The study of lanthanide-based catalysts

E-mail: pwalsh@sas.upenn.edu

>Prof. FENG Chao, Master’s Supervisor

Talent of the Recruitment Program for Overseas Young Professionals

Major Research Interest:

1.            The organic synthesis methodology of transition-metallic catalyst

2.            The synthesis methodology of fluorine-containing organic compounds

3.            The study of visible-light promoted organic transformations

E-mail: fengchao@ntu.edu.sg

Departments & Institutions

>Department of Applied Chemistry

> Experimental Teaching Center of Chemistry

>Institute of Applied Chemistry

>Institute of Water Treatment

>Institute of Organic Synthesis


> Bachelor's degree programs( 4 years)

1.            Applied Chemistry

2.            Chemistry

> Master's degree programs ( 3 years)

3.            Chemistry

4.            Applied Chemistry

5.            Organic Chemistry

6.            Analytical Chemistry

7.            Pesticide Chemistry

8.            Resource Science and Engineering

>Engineering Master's degree program ( 2-3 years)

1.            Chemical Engineering ( in the area of applied chemistry)

>Ph.D. programs ( 3-4 years )

2.            Applied Chemistry

3.            Resource Science and Engineering


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