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  Vice President Jiang Juncheng Attended the UJ Confucius Institute Council 2017/12/26
  Delegation of Noord Brabant, the Netherlands visited NanjingTech to witness MoU signing between NanjingTech and Holst Center 2017/10/26
  Aragon Education Delegation Visited NanjingTech 2017/09/21
  The launch Ceremony of Confucius Institute at University of Zaragoza held at UZ on June 7 2017/06/16
  Madame Xu Lin, Counselor of the State Council of China visited the Confucius Institute at University of Zaragoza 2017/05/04
  Chinese-Russian Workshop on Laser Physics, Fundamental and Applied Photonics 2017 Held in NanjingTech 2017/05/04
  Bilateral Meeting with Delegation from GIK Institute 2017/04/11
  Irish Minister of State and Irish Ambassador Headed a Delegation to NanjingTech 2017/03/22
  Oxford Professor Donal D.C. Bradley Visited NanjingTech to Discuss Future Collaboration 2017/03/22
  Delegation of University of Extremadura Visited NanjingTech 2017/03/13
  NanjingTech-UJ Joint Research Center Launched at 2nd Board Meeting of UJCI 2016/12/26
  NanjignTech Sino-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies (IAT) Co-launched with RAS and MSU 2016/11/16
  President Huang Wei Elected Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Sciences 2016/11/02
  Nobel Laureate, Prof. Robert Huber visited IAM 2016/10/31
  Strategic Collaboration Agreement Signed between NanjingTech and Hanyang University 2016/10/31
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