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  South African Science and Education Delegation visited NanjingTech 2019/06/12
  Mayor Delegation from Zaragoza Visited NanjingTech 2019/03/13
  Delegation of WVU Visited NanjingTech 2018/10/29
  Delegation of University of Johannesburg Visited NanjingTech 2018/09/05
  Delegation from University of Zaragoza Visited NanjingTech 2018/06/15
  Delegation of Western University Visited NanjingTech 2018/05/17
  Prof. Pierre H. Dixneuf,conferred upon NanjingTech Honorary Professorship and delivered NanjingTech Global Vision Lecture 2018/04/02
  Cultural Event "Celebration of Chinese Lantern Festival" held in University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute 2018/03/09
  Chinese New Year Reception Held in University of Zaragoza 2018/03/09
  Cultural Event Featuring Chinese Spring Festival Held in University of Zaragoza Confucius Institute 2018/03/09
  Delegation from University of Johannesburg visited NanjingTech 2018/03/09
  Netherlands Science Delegation Visited NanjingTech 2018/03/09
  NanjingTech Authorized "Confucius Institute Scholarship" (CIS) by the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban in 2017 2018/03/09
  Vice President Gong Jianming Attended the 12th Confucius Institute Conference 2017/12/26
  Vice President Gong Jianming Visited Aragon and University of Zaragoza for Confucius Institute Council 2017/12/26
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