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Tang Mingshu

 Tang Mingshu  (March, 1929-)

    Prof. Tang Mingshu is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in inorganic nonmetallic materials. Over the past several decades, Prof. Tang has made a systematic research of "alkali-aggregate reaction" which has exerted influence on the service life of concrete works and made major breakthroughs in scientific theory and engineering application. Prof. Tang has invented the sandstone alkali-aggregate activity fast determination method, which is identified throughout the world as the "Chinese Method", and has been labeled as the national standard in China and France. Prof. Tang's achievements in scientific research won the second prize in the State Natural Science Award in 1987 and have been applied to the large-scale concrete works such as the Yangzi River Three-Gorge Dam and the Jiangyin Yangtse River Bridge.

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