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Ouyang Pingkai

Ouyang Pingkai  (August, 1945-)

    Prof. Ouyang Pingkai  is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in biochemical engineering. As a pioneer in the fields of biochemical engineering research and a pioneer of engineering education, Prof. Ouyang initiated the establishment of the "National Bioengineering Technology Research Center". The achievements, mainly made by Prof. Ouyang, have won a first and a third prize of the National Science and Technology Award, and won two first prizes and one second prize at provincial and ministerial levels. Prof. Ouyang has won the titles of the "Young and Middle-aged Experts Who Have Made Outstanding Contributions" at national level, the "Model Worker of Jiangsu Province", and the "National Model Teacher" one after another. In 2001, Prof. Ouyang was nominated as the Chinese director of the World Chemical Engineering Council.

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